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Dandeli Resorts is prepared to welcome guests in the midst of nature. Located 3 km from Dandeli, away from the hustle and bustle of city, enveloped by nature, ResortsDandeli offers spectacular views of the dense forests with its rivers, thick forests, paddy fields, grass, and its peaks covered in layers of trees as well as a peaceful sanctuary from the outside world. A stay in the majestic deep woodland seems regal thanks to the wonderfully executed wooden work.

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Dandeli Rafting

The Kali River near Dandeli, in which white water rafting is still most popular, has a series of challenging rapids for excitement who enjoy the thrill of waves crashing. The raft is submerged by the water's flow. This is an extreme water activity which you must do once in your lifetime.


Kali River Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the few adventure sports that can be enjoyed by anybody because it doesn't need a lot of physical power. We have become the first river-based adventurous team in Dandeli as during years that we've been kayaking on India's Kali River.




Dandeli Jungel Safari

The Dandeli Jungle Safari, takes you on an almost 14-kilometer trek through the deep and beautiful Dandeli forest in an open vehicle. You get the opportunity for seeing nature areas and creatures. The tigers, flycatchers, woodpeckers, hornbills, leopards, Elephants and Black Panther are some of the commonly occurring fauna at this natural paradise

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About Dandeli

Karnataka, a state in western India, has the city of Dandeli. Black panthers, monkeys, elephants, and other bird species all call the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary home with its pathways and thick forests. The limestone Kavala Caves, famous for its stalagmite formations, have a shrine at the entrance. Anshi National Park includes the Kali Tiger Reserve, which is located west of the caves. Wildlife, such as tigers, leopards, black panthers, elephants, gaurs, deer, antelopes, and bears, may be found naturally in Dandeli. The sanctuary, which is the second-largest in Karnataka, obtained the designation of tiger reserve in 2007.

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Families, friends, and colleagues come to Dandeli to unwind and feel refreshed. We and our resorts are ready to help. Dandeli is a verdant forest region where you can find numerous activities to do. The ResortsDandeli team assists you in locating the most welcoming resort within your price range and the activities we provide you the finest service from both ourselves and our resorts.has a well-trained and competent staff that will ensure your enjoyment of its excellent and opulent accommodations. The ResortsDandeli experts will help you at any time.